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All ISY systems are empowered with UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) stack through utilization of which all the devices on the network can seamlessly communicate with each other and other computers on the network. ISY systems come embedded with their own browser based GUI and, as such, there is no need for any software installation besides the normal Java runtime and, optionally, Excel for trending and reporting.

UPnP enables the devices on the network to automatically show up as resources on the “Network Neighborhood” or “My Network Places” on host computers just like a shared printer. For UPnP to work, the devices (and specifically ISY systems) need to be able to advertise their presence on the network and, furthermore, be able to communicate their state changes to the network. In this respect, then, the main prerequisites for successful operations are

  1. Network enabled environment
  2. Configuration of firewall programs (besides Windows Firewall) to allow for the devices to communicate with the host system beyond the local network

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