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When it's hot, I like to go to sleep with the whole house fan on. But there are nights I want it to stay on for a long time, and others when I want it on for just a bit. In my search for an easy solution, I found an article from four years ago (thanks to rob9 for that). I've rewritten using some of ISY's improvements, i.e. variables.

My need is to control a whole-house fan.

Here’s what a user can do;

  1. Turn a responder on, off or dim as usual using any KeyPadLinc or SwitchLinc button.
  2. Put the responder in timer mode by double-tapping the button.
  3. Increase the remaining time by double-tapping multiple times.

You will see below that the minutes remaining has been hard coded as 30 (in [Fan Increment], Then section). However this could be replaced with a variable so it could be altered via the web interface.

In my example, I’m watching two switches, one upstairs and one downstairs. Whether the fan is currently on or off, a double tap (from either location) turns it on and starts the timer decrementing. When the decrementing code times out, the fan is turned off.

Note that to detect button presses, individual devices must be checked. But for proper display status (if you have multiple controls linked), a scene must be used to ensure that all responders display the correct status.

A single variable, “Fan_Minutes” describes the remaining time on the counter.

Three program entry points are simple to follow;

Fan Increment;

        Control 'Upstairs / HouseFan'   is switched Fast On
    Or  Control 'Upstairs / HouseFan'   is switched Fast Off
    Or  Control 'Downstairs / HouseFan' is switched Fast On
    Or  Control 'Downstairs / HouseFan' is switched Fast Off
    Set Scene 'House Fan' On
    SFan_Minutes += 30
    Run Program 'Fan Decrement' (If)
    - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

Fan Decrement;

    $Fan_Minutes > 0
    $Fan_Minutes -= 1
    Wait   1 minute
    Run Program 'Fan Decrement' (If)
    Set Scene 'House Fan' Off

Fan Stop Now;

       Control  'Upstairs / HouseFan'   is switched Off
    Or Control  'Downstairs / HouseFan' is switched Off
    $Fan_Minutes = 0
    Set Scene 'House Fan' Off
    Stop program 'Fan Decrement'
    - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

Please let me know if you find any anomalies or can improve functionality.

Cheers, --BitSmith (talk)

Original Article:

ISY-99i Series INSTEON : How-To Guide