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Link 2 Devices (Virtual 3-Way Switch)

    • In Process **

Go to 'My Lighting' MyLighting

Select first device that will be part of the Multi-Way circuit by clicking on it FirstDevice.jpg

Hold Down the Ctrl Key, and Click on the second device in the circuit SecondDevice.jpg

  • Create a Scene

..insert screen shot here...

  • Choose (click on) first device to be linked
  • Hold down the 'Ctrl' key, and then select (click on) the second device to be linked


Create a Scene From a Button on a KeypadLinc

  • Note: Due to current limitations in the functionality of the KeypadLinc, you cannot have a scene that includes the load on the KeypadLinc that you are initiating the scene from. In other words, if you have a button on your KeypadLinc titled 'All Off', you cannot simply include the load on that KeypadLinc in your list of devices in your 'All Off' scene. Some work-arounds are highlighted below.