ISY-26 INSTEON:Quick Start Guide

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ISY Installation

Please perform the following steps before plugging the ISY into power:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to ISY and to your network hub. Note: the network must be DHCP enabled. If your DHCP is not enabled, please consult ISY Advanced Configuration Guide on the accompanying CD
  • Connect the Serial communications cable, provided with your INSTEON PLM (sold separately), to the connector marked Port A on the ISY Plug in the power supply into ISY and then into a power outlet.

Host Computer Configuration

Figure 1– UPnP Configuration

Starting the Graphical User Interface

If you already have Java 1.5 installed and UPnP enabled, all you have to do is to click on the icon My Lighting (refer to Figure 1) appearing in the My Network Places either on the Start Menu or Desktop.

When you start up the GUI for the first time you will be presented with a user-id/password dialog box. Please enter admin for both the user-id as well as the password.

If the “My Lighting” icon did not show up on your My Network Places or if you don’t have Java installed, you will need to follow the configuration steps below. If you have a personal firewall , with the exception of Symantec, please contact us to walk you through the configuration.

UPnP Configuration

UPnP is normally disabled on all computers by default. In order to make sure and/or to configure UPnP, please follow the following steps (refer to Figure 4-1):

  • Click on My Network Places (either on the Start Menu or Desktop)
  • On the left Navigation Pane
    • If you see “Hide icons for networked UPnP devices”, you are done. No further action is necessary
    • If you see “Show icons for networked UPnP devices”, click on it and let the system get configured. You are done.

Java Installation

If you already have JRE 1.5 installed, then no further action is necessary. Otherwise, click on the jre-1_5_0_10-windows-i586-p.exe on the accompanying CD to install JRE.

Final steps

Figure 2

  • Set Time and Location - Click on the Configuration icon on the left navigation pane set the Time and the Physical Location for the unit (used for Sunrise/Sunset calculations)
  • Check the Scheduler - Click on the Schedules icon on the left navigation pane. You will see a schedule listing for the purpose of querying the unit. Please do NOT remove this schedule. However, please choose a time when the system is not used (i.e. 3:00 a.m.)
  • Start Linking Your INSTEON Devices! - To start linking, all you have to do is to click on the icon or, alternatively, choose Link Management/Start Linking menu option. Continue linking as many devices as desired before clicking on the Cancel button.


Don’t forget to register your ISY with UDI to receive important enhancements updates and upgrade information.