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Using "Replace....with" for Insteon Devices

Known issue 1: As of version 2.6 firmaware, there is no requester message directing the user to put into "Programming Mode" any RemoteLincs included in scenes of which the Replaced device is a controller. Therefore, it will be necessary to do this at the beginning of the "Replace....with" process, even though no requester message is presented.

The RemoteLinc is placed into Programming mode by simultaneously holding down the "Bright" and "Dim" buttons for 10 seconds or until the status light begins flashing.

Known Issue 2: As of version 2.6 firmware, this command will leave programs that have used the Replaced device's name in an unspecified state for that device. To fix this, after performing the "Replace....with" command, review all programs that have used the "Replaced" device's name, re-select the proper device, and re-save the program.

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