ISY-26 Insteon:Release Notes 2.0

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  • Support for manually adding INSTEON devices by their addresses
  • The Ability to crawl and scan the network after a Link session or after adding a device manually. This operation finds all the devices linked to the added device and automatically configures them in ISY (if they are not already in ISY). Note that this function does NOT regenerate scenes/groups in ISY
  • Progress bar accuracy improvements
  • Incorporated Sub-Routine's recommendations vis-a-vis Ramp Rate and On Level. Now, Ramp Rate uses time instead of percentage while both On Level and Ramp Rate now have a tooltip text showing the exact value of the slider
  • Restore Device: simply fixes all the links in that device based on the settings in ISY
  • Restore All Devices: reprograms all devices based on the settings in ISY
  • Restore PLM: enables you to swap out a bad PLM and have ISY reprogram all the devices and the new PLM based on the settings therein
  • Incorporated an anonymous suggestion to change the Master/Slave to Controller/Responder while using buttons instead of a drop-down list