ISY-26 Insteon:Release Notes 2.3

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Bug Fixes

  • XML Parse Error with certain firewall software
  • Fixed Lat/Long for Alberta, Canada
  • ISY hang after DHCP renew
  • Using a dynamic-DNS address would not get resolved when accessing ISY remotely
  • Extra html tags on the AutoUpdate dialog

Functional Enhancements

  • Multi selection of devices to be moved into a scene
  • Support for KPL Toggle Mode
  • Support for KPL Synchronized Buttons
  • Support for one or more buttons from the same KPL as responders in the same scene
  • Support for Linksys Routers WRT54GS and DLink DIR-655
  • Performance improvements in system startup
  • Performance improvements in adding devices

Cosmetic Enhancements

  • Changed the color to RED for a controller within a scene; everything else is blue
  • Left Nav bar widened to support long names
  • Changed the "Cancel" label to "Done" in certain dialogs
  • Added UDI Forum menu option to the Help menu
  • Progress bar:
    • No longer Always on Top
    • More accurate when clearing configuration before a Restore ISY
    • More accurate after linking/adding/removing devices and scenes