ISY-26 Insteon:Release Notes 2.4

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Please backup your system's configuration both Before and After the upgrade to version 2.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the right mouse click on MAC/OSX
  • Fixed the file dialog on MAC/OSX
  • regression: adding a KPL/SWL manually (using the address) caused ISY to hang
  • Regression: removing devices left residue
  • The cross reference tree view did not reflect both Manages and Is Managed By relationships
  • Busy threads when no network connection (work-around)

Cosmetic Enhancements

  • Show default backup filename
  • The state of the window is now persisted between sessions
  • The state of the tree is now persisted between sessions
  • Different color for on status
  • Device addresses now closely match to those of INSTEON
  • Autoupdate is now checked immediately (when system is not busy)
  • Autoupdate can now be invoked from the same dialog

Functional Enhancements

Same Button KPL/Scene Limitation (All On/Off workaround)

No longer is there a limitation in making a Controller/Responder relationship between the buttons of the same KPL in the same scene. To do so:

  • Simply drag and drop the desired KPL buttons, as you would normally with any other INSTEON device, into the desired scene
  • Choose the desired Controller/Responder relationship between the buttons

Please note that this functionality enhances the Synchronized Button Grouping and make it integrated into the intuitive drag/drop operation in the navigation pane. As such, Synchronized Button Grouping has been removed from the KPL view.

Please remove all triggers that tried to address this limitation.


  • KPL 1-Button 1 - Light 1
  • KPL 1-Button 2 - All On/Off Scene
  • KPL 1-Button 3 - Some Scene
  • ...
  • KPL 2-Button 1 - Light 2
  • KPL 2-Button 2 - All On/Off Scene
  • KPL 2-Button 3 - Some Scene
  • ...
  • Any device-Light 3
  • Any device-Light 4
  • Any device-Light 5

All On/Off Scene

  • KPL 1-Button 1 - Responder
  • KPL 1-Button 2 - Controller
  • KPL 2-Button 1 - Responder
  • KPL 2-Button 2 - Controller
  • Light 3 - Responder
  • Light 4 - Responder
  • Light 5 - Responder

The Effect

  • When you physically click on KPL 1-Button 1, only the light attached to the load is turned on
  • When you physically click on KPL 2-Button 1, only the light attached to the load is turned on
  • When you physically click on KPL 1-Button 2 or KPL 2-Button 2, all the following is turned on
    • KPL 1-Button 1 load and the backlight
    • KPL 2-Button 1 load and the backlight
    • KPL 1-Button 2 backlight
    • KPL 2-Button 2 backlight
    • Light 3
    • Light 4
    • Light 5

All On/Off using ISY

You can now turn all the devices linked to ISY On or Off using UDI's Administrative console:

  • Click on Network or My Lighting icon on the navigation pane (left)
  • Click on On or Off buttons on the bottom of the view pane (right)

To use this feature in the Scheduler, simply create a schedule for My Lighting with your desired time and action.

Full Support for RemoteLinc

You can now link a RemoteLinc:

  • Click on Link Management->Link a RemoteLinc menu option
  • Click and hold button 1 on your RemoteLinc for 10 seconds or till its light starts flashing
  • Click the Ok button on the ensuing dialog
  • When ISY is linked to your RemoteLinc, make sure to put the RemoteLinc into programming mode by pressing and holding the DIM & BRIGHT buttons simultaneously
  • Click on the Cance button on the Linking in Progress dialog

All On/Off/Dim/Brighten by ControLinc/RemoteLinc

Now, ISY correctly reflects the states of the devices linked to ControLinc/RemoteLinc when All On/Off/Dim/Brighen buttons are clicked

EZRain Timer Support

You can now set the maximum timer value for each and every one of EZRain's valves. To do so:

  • Click on the icon representing the desired EZRain valve on the navigation pane (left)
  • Click on the Set Timer Value button at the bottom of the view pane (right)

Support for Additional Properties

You can now add additional properties such as Is Load, Location, and Notes for each device:

  • Right mouse click on the desired device
  • Choose Properties menu option
  • In the ensuing dialog, view/enter the desired information and click the Save button to save the information

Support for Printable Topology

You can now view/print ISY's topology in HTML:

  • Click on the Tools->Generate Topology
  • If given the option to choose a file to save, please do so
  • A web browser session is created with ISY's topology as content.Print if you so desire

Since the generated topology also contains the information as capatured in the Device Properties (see above), it's advised to update all the desired properties before generating the topology.

Please note that this operation might take anywhere between 10 seconds up to 10 minutes depending on the complexity of your network. Please be patient.

Replace Device

You can now replace a [defective] device with a compatible one:

  • Link the new device into ISY as you would normally any other INSTEON device
  • Right mouse click on the device to be replaced
  • Choose the Replace xxx with yyy menu option (if one available)

Remove PLM

You can now completely remove the PLM from all the devices on the network. This is most useful when ISY is used for Installation/Configuration purposes only:

  • Click on File->Remove Modem

Please note that you can only re-attach the same PLM. To do so:

  • Restore the last backup before the removal of the PLM
  • Issue File->Restore Devices

Import Existing Links (Network Crawl)

You can now import all the existing links into ISY during either of Start Linking or Add a New Device functions. Simply choose Add devices found in links and keep existing links option on the Linking in Progress dialog or the Add a New Device dialog.


Crawl cannot discover links from the given device to any of

  • ControLincs
  • RemoteLincs
  • SocketLincs

If you wish to discover the links to any of the above devices, please start the crawl from these devices.

Please note that this operation might take hours and, as such, it's advised that it's performed overnight

Known Issues

No and/or Minimized Admin Console

If you close the admin console while minimized, the state is saved and at the next login attempt, the window is minimized and doesn't allow you to login. Workaround Please use [1] once. This will clear up the state.