ISY-26 Insteon:Release Notes 2.6

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Enhanced Trigger/Scheduling capabilities

  • Capacity for hundreds of triggers
  • Scheduled Triggers and Triggered Schedules
  • Conditions based on either control (such as 'Fast On'), or status (such as 'Lamp is On')
  • All times in actions and conditions may be specified down to the second
  • Multiday sunrise/sunset with offsets

X10 Support fully integrated with triggers and schedules

  • Control your Insteon devices, schedules and triggers with X10 devices
  • Control your X10 devices with Insteon devices, schedules and triggers
  • Send e-mail notifications when the status of your X10 devices change

Seamless integration with ELK M1 Gold

  • Control your INSTEON/X10 devices from ELK Touchscreens/Keypads/Rules
  • Automatically update the status of your ELK Touchscreens/Keypads
  • Arm/Disarm your ELK system from ISY

Advanced Features

  • Wait, Random Wait between actions
  • Repeat, Random repeat of one or many actions
  • Run triggers based on the last run time of other triggers, or the current true/false condition of another trigger
  • Complex conditions