ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Strange Behavior After Login

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With the ISY being a web services device it utilizes the web browser as a pass-through to handle the network connection. When the web browser connects it downloads a copy of the necessary files that are needed for the ISY to GUI interface to function. The web browser is designed for all types of connections from very slow to supper fast. One thing it does for slower type of connections is it reuses the copy it has to save time. In the case of the ISY this can be a nascence because when updates come out for the firmware and are installed in the ISY the web browser may not recopy the files. This causes confusion for the code and can create strange behaviors. Please clear the Browser cache if your seeing wierdness and try again.

Please See: Clearing Your Browser Cache

ISY-26 INSTEON / ISY-99i Series INSTEON : User Guide