ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:X-10 Troubleshooting

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Enabling X-10 Debug Mode

To figure out if the PLM is actually receiving the X-10 message (or what does it actually receive) you can start the X-10 debug mode.

  1. Get your ISY IP address for your ISY.
  2. Telnet to your ISY (telnet your.isy.ip.address) and login with your username and password
  3. Type DBG 1 (for debug) in the ISY telnet screen
  4. Then go back to your computer, and "Logon to My INSTEON ISY Now!"
  5. At the bottom right, in System tray, on your computer screen right mouse click the Java icon and "Show Console".
  6. Then, try your X-10 device again and check whether or not you see any messages on your Java Console. If you don't, then the problem is that the PLM is not hearing the X-10 messages coming from your device.

A line surrounded by square brackets is written to the Java console whenever a button is pressed, an X-10 message is received, or a status change occurs. This is useful for determining whether or not the PLM has sent a button press or X-10 message to the ISY.

Disabling X-10 Debug Mode

  1. Telnet to the box and login
  2. Type DBG 0, this tells the box to stop sending key presses to the GUI
  3. Close the Java console (optional)
  4. Close Telnet session (optional)

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