ISY-994i INSTEON:User Guide

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The purpose of this document is to guide the system’s installer with the steps necessary to install and configure the Universal Devices’ ISY system and operate the GUI (Graphical User Interface) ISY comes configured for communications with the device(s) of your choice. ISY Package Contents

Installation And Configuration

This section will cover the basic ISY Installation enumerating the Pre-requisites of the host computer and the network requirements. It will also cover the host computer Configuration, provide you some instructions on the host computer Start Up and an example of the Initial Browser Screen.


The graphical user interface (GUI) Components and Navigation lend to the ease of using the ISY module.


This section details the functionalities and the operations of each menu option listed in the Top Pane. The top menu options are File Menu, Link Management Menu, Tools Menu and Help Menu.

Tool Bar

This section details the functionalities and the operations of each Tool Bar icon available in the Top Pane.

Main Tab

The Main Tab provides the user the ability to view the top level status of the network or the device details by selecting a tree node (tree branch). The nodes available in the tree are ISY Node and Scene.

Program Summary Tab

The Program Summary Tab shows the program names in a table form showing if it is enabled, the status, the type of program, the last run time and the last finish time.

Program Details

The Program Details tab gives the user the ability to create timer or trigger programs.

Configuration Tab

The Configuration Tab allows the users to manage global settings such as Location/Date/Time and Messaging settings.

Errors And Error Messages