ISY-994i Series:Migrating To Your ISY-994i

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Migration from Previous Platforms

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your working setup, if not make a fresh backup of your existing ISY
  2. Unplug the existing ISY from the PLM, network, and power source
  3. Plug in the network cable, then plug in your ISY994 to the same PLM, and finally plug in the power supply. It's recommended that you use the power supply that comes with your new ISY994
  4. Login to your ISY994's Administrative Console using the default username / password (admin/admin) and choose File | Restore ISY
  5. Choose the backup file identified in the first step
  6. After your ISY994 reboots login with your password and verify all is back:
    1. If you cannot log in using the your credentials, please try the default of admin/admin
    2. Ensure your time/location settings are accurate
    3. Ensure your SMTP settings are accurate
    4. Change QueryAll program to point to the main Scene (My Lighting or ISY)
  7. If you have purchased modules for your ISY99, please send the UUIDs for both ISY99 and ISY994 to with subject "Transfer Modules"
  8. If you are migrating to 5.0.x firmware from 4.x firmware, you need to perform the following:
    1. Make sure you have a listing of your Z-Wave devices (Tools | Generate Topology) as, during the process, your Z-Wave nodes might disappear
    2. If your Z-Wave nodes have disappeared, click on Z-Wave | Tools | Synchronize | All and then rename based on the Topology
    3. Click on the Programs | Summary tab, look for programs that show 'not saved' or 'no memory', review the error (in the comment section), fix the error, and then Save all programs
  9. If you are also replacing the Insteon power-line modem (PLM) you will have to use Restore Modem.

For more comprehensive instructions, | please review this supplement (courtesy of Mr. Ed Sybesma)

ISY-99i Series INSTEON : How-To Guide