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WeatherBug is a site that collects live weather data from personal weather stations and makes it available on the internet. The ISY-99i is able to collect this data and use the parameters in programs.

Weatherbug 1.gif


You will find access to purchase and install the module in the Help menu on the ISY Administrative Console.


Once the module is installed it must be configured. This is done from the Administrative Console Configuration/Climate panel.

Clicking the find button will open a requester and prompt you to enter your zip code. After your zip code is entered a list will open containing areas in your vicinity. Select one of these areas to open a list of nearby weather stations. The closest station will usually provide the most accurate data. Not all stations have all the data so you may wish to select a station other than the closest.

We can see what data is available in your area if you send your zip code to UDI Weather Support

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Weatherbug 3.gif Weatherbug 4.gif

Select English or Metric units. When changing the measurement units the Administrative Console must be quit and restarted.

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Please do not set polling for less than 60 seconds.

Be sure the Enabled box is checked and Save your settings.

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Once this is done you can begin to use the data in your programs.


Here is all the available data:

   * Temperature 59.1 °F
   * Temperature High 60 °F
   * Temperature Low 38 °F
   * Feels Like 59 °F
   * Temperature Rate 3.3 °F
   * Humidity 53 %
   * Humidity Rate -2
   * Pressure 29.75 mb
   * Pressure Rate -0.04 mb/h
   * Dew Point 42 °F
   * Wind Speed 11 mph
   * Wind Average Speed 7 mph
   * Wind Direction SW
   * Wind Average Direction SSW
   * Gust Speed 22 mph
   * Gust Direction SSW
   * Rain Today 0.03 mm
   * Light 59.7
   * Light Rate 3.4


When you select a Program Condition you will find an entry for Module. After you select Module select Climate in the next box. The following box displays all the available data for the Climate module followed by operators and then parameters.

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Example Programs

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