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Network Resources is a powerful feature of the ISY-99, allowing you to interface with a virtually unlimited number of network-enabled devices! Use an ethernet to serial converter to open up an even larger world of RS-232 compatible devices. This page provides information on known compatible hardware and software capable of being controlled by the ISY.

You'll also find export files which you can download and import into your ISY, saving you from doing all the dirty work. To use, simply download the linked .ZIP file and IMPORT into your ISY from the Network Resources tab. Always be sure to have a full backup of your ISY.

If you'd like to contribute your experiences, please send an email to with any informtion you'd like to provide. If you have an export file you'd like to share for the sake of helping others, please attach it to your email.

External Interfaces

Global Cache GC-100

We have tested the Global Cache GC-100-12, which provides 2 serial ports, 3 relays, and 6 IR outputs in a single box connected to an ethernet network. We have tested the serial outputs along with the relay ouputs. The IR outputs are currently untested.

  • The GC-100-12 uses TCP port 4998 for the relay and IR outputs
  • The GC-100-12 uses TCP port 4999 for serial port 1, and port 5000 for serial port 2
  • Please use "C Escaped" mode when creating Network Resources on the ISY for control of relays, and append all commands with "\r\n"
  • Global Cache GC-100 protocol specifications:

Export Files
GC100_RELAYS.ZIP - This file contains contains commands used to turn on/off the three relays on a GC-100-12. Simply change the IP address to match your GC-100.

Stargate / Commstar

An ISY user has posted about his ability to communicate to and from the Startgate / Commstar by using the ISY's Network Resources and REST interface. Please see this post in our forum:


Logitech Squeezebox

An ISY user has posted about successfully controlling his Logitech Squeezebox using Networking Resources. Please see this post in our forum:

Russound CAV6.6

We have tested the Russound CAV6.6, connected to an ethernet network using a Global Cache GC-100-12's serial port. With this combination, you can utilize ISY programs to control your Russound wholehouse audio system using serial commands sent over a TCP connection to the GC-100.

  • Russound's protocol documentation specifies hex commands sent over serial
  • Hex commands must be converted to binary and sent using the ISY Network Resource's "Binary" mode
  • Russound's DocumentCenter contains full protocol information:

Export Files
GC100-CAV66.ZIP - This file contains contains commands used to turn on/off up to 12 zones on a Russound CAV6.6 system (2 controllers, 6 zones per controller) using a Global Cache GC-100-12. Simply change the IP address to match your GC-100.



An ISY user has written an excellent article on interfacing an ISY with a Nabaztag.


Please see the post in our forum here:

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