ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Advanced Configuration Guide

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The following notes pertain to using the ISY Shell

"DBG 1"

To log key presses/X10 messages received to the java console, do the folliowing:

1. Telnet to the ISY and login 2. Type 'DBG 1'; this tells the box to send key presses to the GUI 3. Login into the ISY Admin Console, and click the 'Program Summary' Tab 4. Open the Java console 5. Close Telnet session (optional)

A line surrounded by square brackets is written to the Java console whenever a button is pressed, an X10 message is received, or a status change occurs. This is useful for determining whether or not the PLM has sent a button press or X10 message to the ISY.

To turn it off,

1. Telnet to the box and login 2. Type 'DBG 0', this tells the box to stop sending key presses to the GUI 3. Close the Java console (optional) 4. Close Telnet session (optional)