ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Configuring a Firewall for Your ISY

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Avast's Web Shield

This can be solved by having Avast's Web Shield ignore the ISY:

Start by getting your ISY's IP Address:

  1. Log in to the admin console
  2. After successful login, Click OK on the error's we are about to fix
  3. Choose Help->About and write down the IP address for ISY which you can find as the value for My URL
  4. Close browser (disconnect from ISY)

Add it to be ignored by Avast Web Shield:

  1. Double Click on the Avast Icon, or right click and select On-Access Protection Control
  2. If needed click on Details ..>>
  3. Scroll down select Web Shield
  4. Click Customize ....
  5. Add ISY's IP address to Ignored addresses:
  6. Click OK twice

Microsoft Fire Wall

The Windows firewall tried to auto configure itself. There may be a time when you need to set it for the ISY.

This process is in the works.

Zone Alarm

It is suggested that you set the IP address that you used above as a static IP address on your DHCP server for your "My Lighting". Otherwise, you may find yourself chasing after an allusive IP address.

  1. Disable Zone Alarm
  2. Get your ISY IP address
    • If you opened your ISY for this step close it when your done
  3. Add the ISY to your Zone Alarm Trusted Zone
    1. Open the Zone Alarm Security Suite Control Center
    2. Select "Firewall" from the left hand column, open the "Zones" tab
    3. Select "Add >>" to add a new device (My Lighting) to your Trusted Zone
    4. Type in the name of the device, "My Lighting" and it's IP address
      • An example such as which is the address of my "My Lighting" on my network
  4. Re-enable Zone Alarm

Other Firewalls

See the forum topic Router, Firewall and Anti-virus Issues

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