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What is a Scene

Scenes are simply a group of devices. A scene is equal to a group in Insteon vernacular. Also a scene is as small as two devices linked together and the more links you add the bigger the scene gets. I think there is a desire to think that just linking two devices is just a link and this is correct but it is still a scene. So if you want to create a link between two devices you will have to create a scene to do it.

Furthermore to answer some conserns; creating a scene in ISY is not less efficient simply because...

  1. The devices are linked as if you were linking them manually
  2. You would know the approximate (to within +/- 5% accuracy) status of all your devices regardless of how they were turned on/off
  3. You have immediate access to what controls what and what is controlled by what devices/scenes in both the Topology as well as the tree to your right

Create a New Scene

  1. Create a new scene from the pulldown menu go to "Link Management --> New Scene"
  2. Name the new scene with something descriptive of what it controls
  3. After clicking ok you should now see the new scene in the tree

New Scene Pulldown

New Scene Window

New Scene In Tree

Add Devices to a Scene

  1. Control+ Click all the devices you want to add to your new scene, and drag and drop the selected devices on to the new scene
  2. Confirm the scene to be created
    1. If there is any devices that can be a controller the window will wait for you to set any controller devices, click ok when done
    2. If there is not any devices that can be a controller the window will automatically start creating the scene

You will see the busy window popup with progress. It may disappear and re-popup several times this is ok. Be patient it may take some time to create your new scene. The more devices the more it has to do. It is creating all the links for your scene. These links are local to each device and will function with or without the ISY when it's done.

New Scene Devices To Add

New Scene Confirm Window

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