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Please see Figure 6 for all File Menu options.

Figure 6. File Menu


The Logon option will be enabled if you are not connected to the ISY. The system will prompt you that you have lost the connection and you must login. Once you select this option you will be required to enter your user name and password.

Set Userid/Password

Once this menu option is selected the user can change the user name or password or both. The new user name or password, or both should be typed in the appropriate field. Please make sure you remember the new user name or password as the old default account of user name and password admin will no longer work in future logins.

Resetting Userid/Password

Before you proceed with the procedure below, you will need to retrieve the MAC address of the device. Refer to 4.4.1 for locating the MAC address.

To reset your userid and password please follow the steps as outlined below:

  • Disconnect PLM from the ISY.
  • Telnet to ISY
  • Enter MAC address as both the userid and password at login prompt
  • Wait 45 seconds (or until you see "Please connect PLM message")
  • Plug PLM back in
  • Log in again using admin/admin

Note: There is a timeout of 5 minutes for the PLM to get plugged back in. If timed out, the userid and password are not reset.

Backup ISY

Selecting this menu saves the entire ISY configuration in a file. The user will be prompted to select or type the storage location and name the configuration file. Note the location and file name for future use. The following system information will be saved to this file:

  1. Time Zone, Latitude, and Longitude
  2. Notification recipients
  3. Programs
  4. INSTEON devices information and scene memberships
  5. INSTEON devices links
  6. Scenes information

Restore ISY

Selecting this menu option allows the user to locate and select the ISY’s backup configuration file (see 4.1.3). Upon completion, this operation reboots ISY and closes your browser.

This option only restores the settings and has no impact on the underlying INSTEON devices and their configurations. If you wish to restore INSTEON device configurations, links, and settings please follow up this operation with Restore Devices menu option upon ISY reboot.

Restore Devices

Selecting this menu option starts the ISY to use the current configurations settings stored within ISY, and reprograms all the INSTEON devices based on them. Upon completion, this operation reboots ISY and closes your browser. This operation is most useful if INSTEON devices and their logical representations on ISY are out of synch. This scenario might happen if INSTEON devices are manually linked without using ISY’s GUI.

Restore Modem (PLM)

Once this menu option is selected, ISY takes all the configurations settings, stored therein, and reprograms all the INSTEON devices and the currently attached PLM based on them.

This operation is most useful in case of a defective PLM and when ISY is rebooted with a new PLM.

Warning: Please do not replace a PLM while ISY is running.

To replace a PLM:

  • Unplug ISY from the power outlet
  • Unplug the PLM from ISY and power outlet
  • Connect ISY’s port A to the new PLM
  • Plug the new PLM into a power outlet
  • Plug ISY into a power outlet
  • Open the browser to ISY’s GUI and wait for system initialization to complete
  • Click on the Restore Modem (PLM) menu option

Enable/Disable Internet Access

In order to achieve remote/internet access, you will need to setup your router for port forwarding. Port forwarding allows the ISY’s port to be seen over the internet.

The controller default setting is with internet access disabled. If you would like to enable internet access to the controller select this option. It is reversible and you will be presented with the Disable Internet Access menu option. For a list of supported routers, please checkout [the URL in the wiki where we have a list of supported routers; you can find this list embedded in

If you do not have one of the routers listed above, please contact us and we’ll walk you through setting up your router (port forwarding) manually.


Once this menu option is selected this application will end and the browser window will close.

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