ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Linking an I/O Linc

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Linking an I/OLinc

Linking an I/OLinc is the same as for most other Insteon devices.

See Link Management Menu

I/OLinc Options

IOLink Options
  • Momentary hold time (10th of seconds) - Sets the length of time the relay will close when Momentary is selected. The Save button must be pressed to write the change to the I/OLinc.
  • Local programming lockout - Disables Set Button programming.
  • LED on TX - The LED will flash when the device sends Insteon commands.
  • Relay Follows Input - Sets Relay On when Sensor is On and Off when sensor if Off.
  • Send X10 Send On (or Off) - Send X10 when the sensor changes.
  • Trigger Reverse - If the TrigOff bit is set, Close Switch sends an OFF and Open Switch sends an ON. If the TrigOff bit is clear, Close Switch sends an ON and Open Switch sends an OFF.

-- Momentary Options --

  • Latching: The relay will remain open or closed until another command is received. Momentary hold time is ignored.
  • Momentary A: The relay will close momentarily. If it is Linked while On it will respond to On. If it is Linked while Off it will respond to Off.
  • Momentary B: Both - On and Off both cause the relay to close momentarily.
  • Momentary C: Look at Sensor - If the sensor is On the relay will close momentarily when an On command is received. If the sensor is Off the relay will close momentarily when an Off command is received.


  • If you find the Relay is turning Off when your the ISY sends an On
    • Highlight the scene in the Administrative Console
    • Slide the relay level to 100%

Garage Door Programming

IOLinc Manual

ISY-26 INSTEON / ISY-99i Series INSTEON : How-To Guide

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