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* [ 2411T Manual]
* [ 2411T Manual]
* []

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Linking an IRLinc Transmitter

ISY firmware 2.7.12 and above

  1. If you are starting from scratch, factory reset your 2411T
  2. Go to Link Management | Add Button to IRLinc Transmitter
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen

  • The nodes (buttons) have to be placed in a scene in order to send commands to the IRLinc TX.
  • You can have multiple IRLinc TX buttons in a scene. The order of activation is the same as the order in which they were added to the scene.

IRLinc Manual

ISY-26 INSTEON / ISY-99i Series INSTEON : How-To Guide

ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Link Management Menu