ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Multi-Way Circuit

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Creating the Multi Way

In the ISY the multi way circuit is much easier than most other hardware/software controller setups. When it was done in the past with other Insteon control systems you made a seperate scene for each controlling device that linked to all the other devices. With the ISY there is only one scene to get the job done. Here are the steps to create a multi way circuit.

  1. Create your multi way scene (for this example we will make a three way)
  2. Control+ click all three devices under ISY "My Lighting" node and drop them on to the scene.
  3. In the "Confirm Move" popup window set all three as controllers then ok.
  4. Click on the "Three Way Scene" set all the scene levels so they are what you want.
  5. Click on each switch entry and click "Copy Scene Attributes From Three Way Scene" so all buttons do the same levels.

Your 3-way is ready and should look something like this below.

   Three Way Scene
       Switch 1
       Switch 2
       Switch 3

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