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The ISY uses the PowerLineModem (PLM) to interface with Insteon and X-10 signals. The PLM sends Insteon and X-10 commands initiated by the ISY and receives Insteon and X-10 commands placed on the power-line by Insteon and X-10 devices.

Every Insteon device in your system must be linked to the PLM for the ISY to be able to communicate with it. In this manner Insteon signals are secure. Insteon devices are linked as a controller, a responder, or as both a controller and a responder. In addition every scene created with the ISY creates links in the PLM to each device in each scene. It is through these links that the ISY can control scenes and track the status of devices.

X-10 devices do not require any links in the PLM. X-10 signals can be sent and received freely, there is no security.

  • The 2412S PLM provides a link database of 2016 and provides power for the ISY-99i.
  • The 2413S PLM (Dual Band) has a database for 1023 links. There is no power output provided, a separate power supply is necessary for the ISY. This PLM interfaces signals on the power-line as well as radio frequency.

The PLM is connected to the ISY using a CAT5 ethernet cable.

There are options on the Administrative Console File menu for the PLM.

PLM Manuals

2412S Quick-Start Guide

2413S Quick-Start Guide

ISY-26 INSTEON / ISY-99i Series INSTEON : How-To Guide