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  • Event Viewer Level 2 (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, EVENT VIEWER) - displays raw PLM messages
  • Event Viewer Level 3 (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, EVENT VIEWER) - displays hop count, group, and debugging information Viewer
  • Check PLM Status & Version (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, PLM INFO/STATUS) - displays whether or not a PLM is connected, shows its address and firmware version
  • Show PLM Links (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, SHOW PLM LINKS TABLE) - displays links currently stored in the attached PLM
  • Show Device Links (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, SHOW DEVICE LINKS TABLE) - displays links currently stored in the specified device
  • Show ISY Links (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, SHOW ISY LINKS TABLE) - displays the ISY's stored copy of a device's link table (what should be in the device)
  • Compare Links (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, SHOW DEVICE LINKS TABLE, COMPARE button) - compares device link table with the ISY's stored copy to check for and fix discrepencies
  • Scene Test (TOOLS, DIAGNOSTICS, SCENE TEST) - diagnostic tool which sends a group command (OFF) to a scene of your choice and then shows you whether or not the recipient devices responded with a cleanup message



  • Web Server Module - make your ISY into a mini personal webserver, includes REST interface (easy control of your devices and scenes simply by accessing a URL)
  • WeatherBug Module - display and utilize local climate data on your ISY, use the data in your ISY programs to help conserve energy based on temperature, wind speed and direction, rain, humidity, etc.
  • Electricity Module - interface with the Brultech energy meter to display and utilize realtime electricity use in your home, use the data in your ISY programs to conserve energy based on current usage, voltage, amps, etc.


  • Support for the Insteon i2 command set (extended messaging)
  • Support for Insteon IOLinc
  • Support for Insteon Motion Sensor
  • Support for Insteon TimerLinc


  • Query On Restart is now configurable
  • Added "From" field to notification settings
  • Ignore X10 All On/Off from ELK flag
  • Added X10, IR, Raw Text to find/replace in programs
  • Adjust on-levels/ramp rates for devices in scenes using programs
  • Added configurable role for HTML interface (stopgap measure until we add multi-users/roles)
  • User defined SMTP - use your own email server to send notifications, limited TLS support (works with gmail)
  • On/Off buttons on Devices/Scenes HTML pages
  • Allow Folder true/false status to be used in If conditions. This makes Folder conditions much easier to use (for Away buttons, etc.)
  • A program set to 'Run at Startup' will now run whether it is enabled or not, making it more consistent with the new 'Run (If)'
  • Send compact notifications option, since standard notifications sent via SMS may come through as multiple text messages
  • Icons in Program selection boxes
  • Icon column in Program summary (Folders and Programs)
  • Popup window on Program summary
  • Added 'Status' to Popup window on Program Details screen, making it easier to bounce between status/edit of a program
  • Find/Replace nodes and program references in programs
  • Divider on Main screen is now adjustable
  • Log/Chart now show time to the second
  • Show Folder Condition status in HTML Programs page
  • Sunrise/Sunset time now to the second
  • Added RemoteLinc instructions for any activities that require RL interaction
  • All saved files now have a timestamp attached (important especially in case of Vista)
  • Progress Bar is no longer persistently on top of all other windows allowing the user to do more while the ISY works
  • Next scheduled run time shown in Program Summary screen
  • Program Name and more info now shown in Notifications sent from programs
  • Programs screen loads faster in GUI
  • Support for Internet Time (NTP) to ensure accurate time


  • Full Web Services support
  • REST interface (included with Web Server module, ISY-99 ONLY)

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