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Upgrade Instructions

ISY-26 & ISY-99i

  • Updated instructions for linking an IRLinc
  • Added Rain Rate to WB module
  • Added support for SWL220 w Beeper
  • Added Device/Node paths in the programs
  • Alphabetical sorting of groups/nodes in the Chart utility
  • Support for SwitchLinc-Relay-INSTEON-Remote-Control-On-Off-Switch-Non-Dimming
  • Support for LampLinc 2-Pin Dimmer 2457D2X
  • Log date format changed to hh:mm:ss
  • Notifiations to different email groups
  • Enhancements for Mutually Exclusive Buttons
  • KPL brightness adjusted through programs
  • KPL Buttons Switching (When A is on turn B off but not vice-versa)
  • Rename all grouped/associated buttons at the same time
  • Include the Scene's Address in the View
  • Topology improvements
  • Better firewall handling (network priorities)
  • Motion Sensor Low Bat status can now be cleared by doing a query on the node
  • Locate Me ... locates the closest match to the city where the IP is originating from
  • Support for B2457D2 LampLinc BiPhy Dimmer
  • Enhanced images for the programs
  • Added Fast On/off to switches
  • IOLinc timer values now in 10th of seconds
  • Can now find ISY by simply typing http://isy in your browser (Windows)
  • Can now update network settings (IP address, mask, gateway, dns, ports) from the Admin Console
  • Folders with Conditions are Flagged
  • Do not close window when user initiates a scene test
  • Support for folders in HTML, Topology, and the log
  • Disabled programs to show up with red X
  • KPL (V2) non toggle status now shows on/off
  • Warnings for firmware update/ISY restore
  • Folders are flagged when modified
  • Newer SwitchLincs include the ability to adjust the LED brightness level
  • Applet-less operations using JNLP (no browser necessary)
  • Support for TriggerLinc (multi-mode)
  • Performance improvements with priority given to program execution
  • Support for LampLinc sense (you can use LampLinc v33 and above as controller)
  • Support for SWL Relay with Sense
  • Support for InlineLinc Relay with Sense
  • Show all buttons in the overview/HTML
  • Support for new KPLs
  • Added folders to chart nodes
  • Added Control parameter for BiPhy LampLincs
  • Backlight for SwitchLincs
  • Better upgrade handling in the presence of firewall software
  • SwitchLinc now uses 0-255 for backlight level in programs
  • Replace device will update programs
  • Search/Replace now correctly finds entries with <not>
  • Added on levels for programs for LampLinc BiPhy
  • Support for Icon ApplianceLinc 3-Pin
  • Support for Icon Relay 2876SB
  • Support for ApplianceLinc/Outdoor module 2456S3E
  • Support for Icon Switch Dimmer 2876DB
  • Support for ToggleLinc V5
  • Backlight adjustable through programs
  • Topology filename now includes the date
  • Toolbar: New Folder is now context sensitive
  • Move dialog now lists controllers in red and responders in green

99i Series Only

  • Support for BEEP
  • Support for V2 Thermostats
  • Adding an Action of Thermostat Query … when Admin Console is restarted, it comes back with Null
  • Support for SDHC SD Cards with capacities up to 16GB
  • New folder is now automatically moved to the selected parent folder if any
  • Support for Brultech ECM1240
  • Flex Your Power Error
  • Flex Your Power status
  • Support for IRLinc TX
  • You can now group devices with more than one node by using Group Devices menu option
  • Support for folders to group devices/scenes (into rooms/locations/etc.)
  • Disable device feature allows you to disable a device (not addressed in queries)
  • REST now available to all 99 series (no module required)
  • Support for Flex Your Power (CA)
  • WebServer now under Networking tab (PLEASE NOTE GUI CHANGE)
  • WOL - Requires the Networking module
  • Network Resources (call other systems using TCP/HTTP/HTTPS/UDP/Multicast) - Requires the Networking modules
    • Duplicate/copy a rule
    • Export rules
    • Import rules (adds to the current configuration)
    • Restore rules (overwrites the current configuration)
    • Added C Escaped mode which allows one to add special characters in an otherwise Raw Text mode (i.e. \r \n \t, etc.)
  • Load IR Config/Harmony integration

99i Series PRO Only

  • Batch Mode
  • Estimate time to create scenes
  • When 'Restore PLM' fails, user should be provided with a list of which devices failed
  • Failed Linking Cleanup
  • Notification to the Admin Console of what device is going to be restored


  • /rest/nodes now returns setpoints and mode for thermostats (99i only)
  • all returned properties now include a UOM
  • /rest/nodes/devices ... returns only devices but no scenes
  • /rest/nodes/scenes ... returns only scenes but no devices
  • WSDL 2.0 - WS-I compliant Document/Literal
  • /rest/sys -- system configuration
  • /rest/time -- system time
  • /rest/network -- network configuration
  • /rest/nodes/folders -- returns folders (99i only)

The following services were added:

  • AddFolder
  • RemoveFolder
  • RenameFolder
  • SetParent

WSDK updates with the schema for the latest nodes config.

  • DriverError – INSTEON specific errors
  • LastError – A list of driver errors
  • GetLastError – Returns LastError
  • ClearLastError – Clears LastError

Networking 99i

  • /rest/networking/resources -- returns network resource config
  • /rest/networking/resources/<id> -- activates the resource identified by id
  • /rest/networking/wol -- returns WOL config
  • /rest/networking/wol/<id> -- activates the WOL rule identified by id

99i PRO Series Only

  • /rest/nodes/<node>/write -- Writes all pending changes to the device
  • /rest/batch -- Returns batch mode "<batch><status>[0|1]</status></batch>"
  • /rest/batch/on -- Does not write changes to device, only to .REC files
  • /rest/batch/off -- Writes all pending changes to devices and no longer buffers changes
  • /rest/batteryPoweredWrites/on -- Writes all pending changes to battery powered devices when batch is off.
  • /rest/batteryPoweredWrites/off -- Does not write changes to battery powered devices when batch is off.

Upgrade Instructions

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