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Upgrade Instructions


  • 994 Enhancements for Zigbee SEP 1.1
  • 992 Enhancements for Zigbee SEP 1.1
  • Support for PRO series devices
  • Support for 2477DH
  • WeatherBug variables in notifications
  • Full support for iMeter Solo
  • Sunrise/Sunset text
  • Safe Mode dialog in case of PLM communications errors
  • Scene test now turns on the scene before turning it off and doing the test+warning about programs
  • Program names can now be up to 64 characters (HTML/REST)
  • Add program execution menus to programs in the Program Details tab
  • More efficient way of handling notification, network resources, and WOL configurations
  • Most dialogs are now Escape/Enter key aware (Escape=cancel, Enter=ok if and only if applicable)
  • Frame icon is now the same as application icon in JNLP
  • Finder icon is now the same as frame icon
  • Finder can now be closed via the close (x) button
  • Support for Military (24 Hour) time format
  • Custom notifications
  • Changed managed by/manages to Is Controller for and Is Responder to
  • Changed icon for membership
  • Changed Remove to Delete in some places
  • Added icons to Program menu (Details/Summary)
  • Support for SyncrhoLinc
  • Support for iMeter Solo [partial]
  • Terms and conditions not as annoying
  • Tree sorting enhanced
  • Context Menu Icon enhancements
  • When a selected node is renamed, the selected node keeps focus instead of giving focus to the last occurrence of the node being renamed (for instance in other scenes)
  • Sort membership
  • Immediate level setting for dimmers (in addition to Dim/Bright buttons)
  • Multi-Select Scenes to move to or remove from a folder
  • When adding controllers in a scene, automatically copy current scene attributes to responders
  • Event Viewer levels are now in a list (instead of a popup dialog)
  • Unlike all other Controllers in a scene, the path for ControLinc/RemoteLincs are not displayed
  • Diagnostics context menu on nodes
  • Node keyboard shortcuts:
    • F2 - Renames the node
    • Delete - Removes the node
  • Added more options for the Motion Sensor
  • In Add New INSTEON Device dialog, the Address is now the first element and then the name
  • Device database access enhancements
  • Support for MorningLinc
  • Users must now agree to terms and conditions otherwise the application closes
  • Upgrade to IR can now be done online
  • Java certificate extension till 2013
  • Official support for most EZxx devices Note: for EZFlora, you must have the latest firmware from SHN
  • Support for KPL Relay 2486SWH8
  • Support for Dual Band 240 Load Controllers (2477SA1 and 2477SA2)
  • Support for Support for SWL2477 Dual Band
  • Error log is now separated from the system log
  • Portal integration with Check-It Monitoring energy management portal
  • Sent time stamp in notifications (the time the message was actually sent)


  • /rest/log
  • /rest/log?reset=true ... clears all system log entries
  • /rest/log/error
  • /rest/log/error?reset=true ... clears all error log entries

Added the following controls

  • RESET to reset iMeterSolo
  • CPW currentPower ... currently not used
  • TPW totalPower in kWs (/3600 for kWh)


System Status Control ("_5"):

  • Get/Set SystemDateTime now includes IsMilitary element for 24hr clock settings
  • Major changes in the Electricity Monitor events
  • Added Raw action for Brultech:
  • SetNodePowerInfo : supported only on 992/4 platforms
  • GetNodePowerInfo : supported only on 992/4 platforms
  • GetCurrentSystemStatus ... causes ISY to publish the status of the nodes to the subscriber


SystemStatus added InSafeMode element

Upgrade Instructions

ISY-26 INSTEON / ISY-99i Series INSTEON : Main Page