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Fixes in 2.7.3

  • .css files not reported correctly
  • REST interface: subsequent /cmd/ URLs would fail
  • Request failed when accessing IOLinc Options
  • Status of IOLinc incorrect : THIS IS IOLinc Firmware issue
  • Humidity value fluctuates : THIS IS Thermostat Firmware issue
  • Controller only devices status was updated if another controller chsnged the scene
  • Weather module English/Metric conversions
  • Expand/Collapse toolbar button for nodes as well as programs
  • Turning KPL buttons on would turn on the load
  • Linking mode requester for battery devices not called from Links Table function
  • HTTPS issues with iPhone

Enhancements in 2.7.3

  • REST interface now available to all ISY-99 series - Networking module is not required
  • Enhanced error reporting
  • Support for LampLinc sense - Use LampLinc v33 and above as a controller with Local Control
  • WAIT WHILE READING option under Configuration tab
    • Selected - Triggering scenes from a controller within the same scene will improve reliability
    • Unselected - Improved performance when calling scenes with multiple responders
  • Electricity
    • Support for Flex Your Power (CA)
  • Networking
    • WakeOnLAN - Wake PCs on the local network
    • Network Resources - Call other systems using TCP/HTTP/HTTPS/UDP/Multicast
    • WebServer - Store and serve webpages using the ISY

For Developers in 2.7.3

  • DriverError – INSTEON specific errors
  • LastError – A list of driver errors
  • GetLastError – Returns LastError
  • ClearLastError – Clears LastError

In ElectricityAction, added

  • 5 – Flex Your Power Error
  • 6 – Flex Your Power status

Fixes in 2.7.2

  • i2 reported devices were being queried using extended commands even if i1 Only Mode was chosen
  • inapplicable buttons on the configuration tabs
  • IOLinc and EZIO devices did not have the status of the relays updated when scenes were activated via programs
  • Resetting the userid and password in the Admin Console caused all subsequent calls to fail
  • Change the key size to 128 for MCE credentials encryption
  • KPL Backlight range is now from 1 to 63 inclusive
  • Removed the Thermostat Fan State from Query since thermostats do not support fan state
  • Fixed the issue where the sequence of actions in a program would cause a few to be missed

Enhancements in 2.7.2

  • added support for SWL Relay with Sense
  • added support for InlineLinc Relay with Sense
  • REST interface now supports:
    • /rest/nodes/devices ... returns only devices but no scenes
    • /rest/nodes/scenes ... returns only scenes but no devices

Fixes in 2.7.1

  • Factory reset
  • IOLinc status
  • No warning dialog when adding Motion Sensors
  • Status does not follow RemoteLinc Dim/Brighten
  • Ignore duplicate messages from RF devices
  • Support for EZIO6I
  • Support for EZIO2x4
  • Support for EZIO40 (not working 100%)
  • Support for EZRain

Enhancements in 2.7.1

  • Load IR Config/Harmony integration
  • Show all buttons in the overview/HTML
  • Support for new KPLs

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