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System Configuration

HTML Role:

  • Read Only - Allows Program status to be read.
  • Basic - Allows Programs to be Run (If), Run Then, Run Else, and Stopped.
  • Advanced - Allows the user to Enable/Disable Programs.
  • Admin - Allows the user to Enable/Disable Run at Startup for Programs.

Query at Restart - When checked (default) the ISY will query all devices for their status when restarted.

Wait while busy reading - When checked (default) the ISY will not attempt to send any commands as long as it detects Insteon traffic on the system. The result is more reliable communications with some loss of speed.

Send Compact Notifications - Check this box for shorter messages. Useful to prevent text messages from being split into two parts. Default is not checked.

Catch up schedules at Restart - When this box is checked (default) the ISY will attempt to run all programs that are time dependent beginning at midnight until the present time.

Missed Schedule Grace Period - If Catch up schedules at restart is not checked or if a program is not run because the ISY is busy this will check for programs that were scheduled to run from the period specified until the present time. Default is 15 minutes.

Reboot - Shutdown and restart the ISY.

Be sure to press the Save button after making any changes.

ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Configuration Tab

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