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Tree View

This area shows the tree containing all of your programs and folders. When a new program is created, it is added to this tree. The tree has three levels; the root (My programs), the program folder and the programs.

Program folders can have conditions. These conditions must be met before any programs within the folder will run.

You may rename, move, change or delete your old schedules and triggers anytime you wish. You may organize your programs in folders using drag and drop.

A right mouse button press on different levels of the tree will show a menu pertinent to the folder chosen. The figure below shows a sample of menu when place the mouse pointer on ‘My Programs’ folder and press the right mouse button.

Figure 47. My Program Node Menu.

New Folder

Select this option to create a new folder. This option always creates a new folder at the next lower level of the tree.

New Program

This option creates a new program. To create a program in a specific folder, select a folder the program will be located. Select New Program option from the menu; name the program in the highlighted field. If you did not rename the field, the program name will be entered as New Program. The green arrow indicates that the program has not been saved. This arrow disappears after the Save Changes button is selected.

Selecting a program then the New Program option will create a new program at the same level as the selected program.


Select this option to rename a folder or program.


Select this option to copy a folder only or a program. The copied folder or program will be added at the same level of the tree. It will have the same name as the copied folder or program with the word COPY appended to it. It will be highlighted giving you the opportunity to rename the folder or program.

Copy Tree

This option is only shown at the root level containing folders or folders containing the programs. When selected a dialog box will ask you to if you want to copy the folder and all its contents. Select Yes if you want a copy of the folder and its contents. Selecting No will abort the process.

Figure 48. Copy tree dialog.


Select this option if you want to delete a folder or a program.

If you try to delete any programs or folder, you will be prompted with a dialog box to confirm the deletion.


Use this option if you are importing a folder or a program file. It will import all programs in the file into the selected folder.


Use this option if you are exporting a folder or a program file. If you selected a folder for export, it exports the folder and its contents. If you selected a program, it will only export the program.

Copy to Clipboard

This option copies the program as a text format and keeps it in the clipboard for pasting to a text editing program.

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