ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Troubleshooting Flowchart

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This is a drop-thru flowchart so after you complete each line-item drop down to the next item until you have resolution of your issues at which point you do not need to continue further down the flow.

ISY-99i Front

Step 1: Programming not acting as expected?

  1. Check PLM is powered up
  2. Check ISY is powered up
  3. Check for locked up INSTEON devices
  4. Check ISY error lights
    1. Flashing "Error" LED = file system issue
    2. Flashing "Error + Memory" LEDs = IP network issue
    3. Steady On "Rx" LED = ISY-to-PLM communication issue

Step 2: Can you access the ISY main screen?

  1. Check local network issues
    1. Power down the ISY, local router, and internet modem
    2. Power up the internet modem, wait until connected to web
    3. Power up the local router, wait until startup routine is complete
    4. Power up the ISY, wait until startup routine is complete
    5. Login to your router, check for IP conflicts
  2. Check remote access (if its part of your current issue)
    1. Check your dynamic forwarding is correct
    2. If using UPnP, consider switching to manual port forwarding
    3. If using a portal service (, check/test that it's working
  3. Try different login methods
    1. Network places ISY icon
    2. Local ISY IP (ie.
    3. UDI web link (ISY-26, ISY-99i)
    4. Your personal ISY web address
  4. Try different ISY shell login methods
    1. Telnet to the ISY, run configure TCP/IP, check for network issues
    2. Connect with a null modem cable
      • Login with Hyperterminal, 115200, 8, none, 1, none
      • Power cycle ISY, analyze startup output for issues
  5. Check for PLM issues
    1. Check PLM cable and RJ45 jack pins
    2. Power cycle ISY and PLM
    3. Watch ISY TX/RX LEDs and PLM LED
      • First bootup flashing, then slow query blinks, then steady when done
  6. Failed result may mean one or more of these possible issues...
    1. ISY-to-PLM cable is bad, replace with standard network cable
    2. PLM is bad, work with supplier (ie. Smarthome, etc.) on replacement
    3. ISY circuitry is damaged, work with UDI on replacement
    4. Router is configured wrong or damaged, check configuration or replace router

Step 3: From the ISY main screen, can you login to the Admin?

  1. Clear Java cache
  2. Install latest version of Java
  3. Check for firewall issues

Step 4: In the Admin, is there any device communication errors?

  1. Check offending INSTEON device(s)
    1. ISY "Query Device"
    2. Power cycle offending INSTEON device, ISY query again
  2. Check ISY links and scenes
    1. Check ISY logs
    2. Run the ISY "Show PLM Links Table", compare output with the ISY
    3. Run the ISY "Scene Test", analyze for issues
    4. Run the ISY "Event Viewer" over time, analyze for issues
  3. Troubleshoot INSTEON communication issues, fix signal suckers
    1. Test AccessPoints, relocate if necessary
    2. Disconnect electronics and computers
      • Optional: utility fans, low voltage puck lights, some ballast lighting types
    3. Reconnect one at a time and test communication issues
    4. Pick different location or use noise filter for offending signal sucker
  4. Reprogram offending device(s)
    1. Test device, does it work, status LED off
    2. Factory reset INSTEON device
    3. Test device, does it work, status LED still off, possible malfunctioning device
    4. If device now works, ISY "Restore Device"
  5. Failed result may mean malfunctioning INSTEON device(s)
    1. Work with supplier (ie. Smarthome, etc.) on replacement

Step 5: In the Admin, can you get to the programs?

  1. Check for PLM lockup or corruption issues
    1. Power cycle PLM
    2. Run ISY PLM info/status check
    3. If the status is "Not connected", Factory reset PLM
    4. ISY Restore Modem
  2. Check ISY for file system issues
    1. Check ISY for flashing "error" LED
    2. Restore ISY from backup (1st attempt)
  3. Failed result may mean SD card formatting issues
    1. Format the SD card from the ISY shell
      • If unable to access through ISY shell then FAT format it on a Mac/PC
    2. Restore ISY from backup (2nd attempt)
  4. Failed result may mean bad SD card
    1. Replace SD card, work with UDI on replacement

Step 6: In the Admin, do timestamps exist for program execution?

  1. Are the programs enabled
  2. Check ISY logs for signs of execution
  3. Is the program code broken (ie. <Not Specified> devices)
  4. Program syntax/logic issues


In order to do a factory reset on INSTEON devices, most types of them require a 10 second removal of power, then holding the set button for 5 to 10 seconds as power is restored.

If you have Windows7 Hyperterminal can be downloaded here.

Troubleshooting Flowchart (forum version)