ISY-99i/ISY-26 INSTEON:Using the WeatherBug Irritation Module

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Understanding the Module Variables

There are several variables that are available to the user. These variables can be used in the program module for customizing the irrigation system.

  • Water_Applied_per_Irrigation - The amount of water the user's irrigation program applies to the soil during each run.
  • Region_Factor - To adjust for the differing ET in inland vs coastal areas.
  • Soil_Absorption_Factor - To adjust for the relative efficiency of soil absorption

Resetting the Irrigation Module

If you have installed the Irrigation module and your Irrigation Requirement equals zero, then you have to reset the variables to get things going correctly. If its the rainy season it may be difficult to tell if Irrigation Requirement is having an issue, so its recommended this be performed anyways just after the first install of the module.

  1. In the ISY Admin Console go to the Programs tab.
  2. Create the temporary program shown in the example below.
  3. Right click on the program in the folder tree and select "Run Then" to reset the module.
  4. Go back to the Weatherbug tab.
  5. Check again Irrigation Requirement and you should now see a number instead of a zero.
  6. Once you have done this initialization process you can delete the temporary program.

   - No Conditions - (To add one, press 'Schedule' or 'Condition')

        Irrigation - Reset Variables

ISY-26 INSTEON / ISY-99i Series INSTEON : How-To Guide