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The first ISY did not have any X-10 support at all, and the initial implementation of X-10 support was quite limited. Over the course of time and new firmware releases, X-10 support has improved dramatically, mostly in response to user requests. Some of these enhancements are listed below.

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X-10 Enhancements

  • X-10 support introduced in firmware 2.5 betas, beginning September 2007
    • Added initial X-10 support, firmware 2.4.1
    • Added X-10 condition 'is not received', firmware 2.4.10
    • Added X-10 messages to log in Java console, firmware 2.4.10
  • X-10 support enhanced in firmware 2.7 betas, beginning January 2008
    • Ability to test/send unit code separate from command code and vice versa, firmware 2.6.1
    • Added support for EZX10RF, firmware 2.6.1
    • X-10 messages sent from ISY now treated as events in programs, firmware 2.6.4
    • Added X-10 messages to log file, firmware 2.6.4
    • Added X-10 codes to find/replace in programs, firmware 2.6.7
    • Web Services: Send X-10 commands through UDIService, firmware 2.6.7
    • Flag to ignore X-10 All-On and All-Off from ELK, firmware 2.6.8
    • REST: X-10 commands added to REST, firmware 2.6.15
  • X-10 Module (option) introduced with firmware 2.7.8/2.7.9?

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