ISY-99i Series INSTEON

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QSG ISY-99.png

Please note: This product is discontinued.

The ISY-99i Series is UDI's second series of intelligent, web-enabled, stand-alone INSTEON network managers/controllers. The ISY-99i Series have the same capabilities as the ISY-26 series, with the following additions:

  • Infrared (IR) Input [ISY-99i/IR, ISY-99i/IR PRO] - support for Philips RC-5 codes.
  • Increased Memory [ISY-99i PRO, ISY-99i/IR PRO] - supports 1024 device/scene combinations and 1000 programs.
  • Powered from the PLM - separate external power supply is not required (but can optionally be used).
  • Thinner form factor.






Release Notes

ISY-99i Series INSTEON:

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