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What are ISY IR Commands

On the front of the ISY there is a IR reciever which can see remote control IR signals. These signals can then control devices and scenes linked to the ISY thru ISY Programs.

Default IR Commands

Starting with firmware version 2.7.1, we now have a default set of 40 IR codes that can be downloaded to your ISY through the Admin Console ("Import Default IR Codes" button). Please note that this will REPLACE any existing IR codes you may have already taught to your ISY.

The ISY is now listed on Harmony's device database, making setup much easier for Harmony owners. We also have a Pronto CCF file containing these 40 codes available for download here: ISY-99.ccf

Please note that this does not REPLACE any of the ISY's existing IR functionality - you are still free to teach codes to the ISY, either in place of or in addition to these 40 default IR codes.

Finding a Supported Remote Code

The ISY-99i does not come with its own remote but rather utilizes already existing Philips remote commands. Because the ISY-99i supports only the Philips RC5 Protocol, you will need to either use one of your old retired Philips remotes and teach the ISY or use a "Universal Remote" Philips device code. These remote codes should work fine, but there has been some cases where some codes work better than others.

Remote Brand Device Code
Logitech Harmony Remote Light Controller --> Universal Devices --> ISY99
One for All Device Codes
Philips Pronto Pronto Site
Universal Remote Control 0330, 0430, 0036, 0136, 0738, 0439, 0939, 0247, 0230, 0830

Compatible / incompatible remotes (Forum Thread)

The article Philips RC-5 Codes for ISY has available for download, a .zip file which contains the 1024 RC-5 codes recognized by ISY in hex and Pronto .ccf format, for use with computer-programmable remote controls and other IR devices.

Adding an IR Command

  1. Use the "Logon to My INSTEON ISY Now!" weblink, enter your user name and password when prompted to get logged in
  2. In the ISY-99i interface, click on the "Configuration" tab
  3. Click on the IR sub-tab. This will bring you to the IR configuration page
  4. Click on the "Enter Learning Mode" button, point your remote at the front of the ISY-99i, and push a button
  5. If a compatible key is pressed, the ISY-99i will add the IR code to its list
  6. Repeat the above steps until all desired codes are stored
  7. Once you are done adding codes to the ISY-99i, go ahead and press the "Leave Learning Mode" button
  8. Click the "Save" button to store them in the ISY-99i database

Please Note - If after a button is learned and you see lots of garbage when pressed, the IR command you are using is most likely not being understood by the ISY, which may need to be relearned or substituted by another button and or all together another device code.

Testing an IR Command

It is good to test your commands to see if they all work correctly. There is several states a command can have, here is a list below. These states can all be used by the user in ISY programs.

  • Press - a normal press and release of a remote control button
  • Double Press - two quick presses and releases of a remote control button
  • Held - a press and hold of a remote control button
  • Release - the release of a held remote control button

  1. Press the button and release, the status should show as PRESS.
  2. Press and hold the button, the status will show as HOLD.
  3. From a press and hold state, release the button and the status will show as RELEASE.

Controlling Devices With IR

After you have completed adding the IR commands to the ISY you will need to head on over to the Creating an IR Program How-To to create the programs that will control your devices with the newly stored IR commands.

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