ISY-99i Series INSTEON:Adjusting IR Press/Release Delays

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You can change the default settings for detecting when a hold, Release, or double press has occurred.

Hold Detect

The number of milliseconds the button must be pressed before it is considered a HOLD. If the button is released before Hold Detect milliseconds elapse, it is considered a PRESS.

The default value is 800, you can lower this value if you want HOLD to be detected quicker.

Hold Maintain

The number of milliseconds to wait for the next code sent by the remote.

While the remote button is being held down (HOLD), it continually sends out codes. When the button is released, it stops sending those codes, and thus the RELEASE action is detected.

The default value is 300, you can lower this value if you want RELEASE to be detected sooner. Ideally, this value should be as low as possible.

Note: DOUBLE PRESS also uses the Hold Maintain value. If a button is pressed, and then pressed again within the Hold Maintain time then it is considered a DOUBLE PRESS.

Change These Values

These values take effect the moment they are changed.

  1. Get your ISY IP address for your ISY.
  2. Telnet to your ISY and login with your username and password
  3. Use the CI command, it will prompt you for new values for Hold Detect and Hold Maintain

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