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The infrared (IR) receive capability of the /IR series of ISY controllers is based on the Philips RC-5 IR protocol, a de facto standard. The RC-5 protocol defines 32 devices of 64 commands each, for a total of 2048 unique codes. The ISY/IR series controllers can receive up to 1024 unique codes, and will roll over the second group of 1024 codes (devices 16 to 31) to the first group (devices 0 to 15).

While the database in almost any so-called universal remote control will contain many codesets which use the RC-5 protocol, making use of these codes requires searching the particular remote control's database for one or more appropriate codesets. The article Adding IR Commands lists some appropriate codes for a few of the most common remote controls.

Many of the more advanced universal remote controls, as well as other IR devices, allow for programming from a computer. IR codes may be entered into the programming application either as hex strings, or in standard Pronto .ccf format, depending on the application software. For use with such applications, the first 1024 RC-5 codes (devices 0 to 15) have been generated as both hex strings and .ccf files, and placed in the .zip file linked above. This will make it easy for the user of such a device to simply select the required number of codes and import them. The .zip file contains a readme file.

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