ISY-99i Series INSTEON:Quick IR Tutorial

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Using IR in the ISY-99i

The first step to using IR with your new ISY-99i is to find a remote or remote code that is compatible. The ISY-99i is compatible with any RC5 compatible remote control. If you have a universal remote control, try setting it to a Philips television. Just about any Philips device should be RC5 compatible. For this example, I'm using an old Philips television remote.

In the ISY-99i interface, click on the CONFIGURATION tab. Within there, click on the IR sub-tab. This will bring you to the IR configuration page. Simply click on the ENTER LEARNING MODE button, point your remote at the front of the ISY-99i, and push a button. If a compatible key is pressed, the ISY-99i will add the IR code to its list.

This is also a good time to test the remote. If you simply press the button and release, the status should show as PRESS. If you press and hold the button, the status will show as HELD. If you press/hold the button then release the status will show as RELEASE.

Once you are done adding codes to the ISY-99i, go ahead and press the LEAVE LEARNING MODE button. If at any time you want to cancel the codes you have just added, simply click the RELOAD button at the bottom of the screen to return to the last saved configuration. If you'd like to wipe all saved IR codes and start from scratch, press the RESTORE DEFAULTS button. If you're happy with your currently displayed IR codes, press the SAVE button to save them to the ISY-99i.

Now that you've learned your IR codes, it's time to use them! Received IR commands can be used in any ISY-99i program, which opens up tons of possibilities. For this tutorial, we'll create a simple program that uses IR to turn a light ON or OFF, depending on its current state.

This code will turn a light on using the IR code TV:1, assuming the light is currently off:


       IR 'TV : 1' is Pressed
   And Status  'Basement1' < 50%


       Set 'Basement1' On


  - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')