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Advanced Options

Query Insteon Engine

In the case of I2CS devices, ISY does indeed need to know the engine version to use different mode of communications with those devices. If your INSTEON devices do not respond to commands, it's quite possible that ISY was not able to query their engine version.
In those cases, simply right mouse click on your device and then choose Diagnostics | Query Insteon Engine (Figure 1).
Figure 1

Group Cleanup Retries from Device to PLM

You can set the number of Group Cleanup Retries that a controller device tries to send a signal/command to the PLM. ISY defaults this value to zero. Please note that excessive group cleanup signals degrade performance and may cause interference and unwanted behavior. As such, extreme care should be taken when deciding to change this value.
To change the value, right mouse click on the device and then choose Advanced | PLM Communications (Figure 2). In the ensuing dialog, change the number of retries for each and every button/node for that device (Figure 3).
Figure 2
Figure 2

Can I hide the logo and the top menu bar?

Yes by adding main_panel=false to end of hash in the browser address (add an & in front if there is other data, just a # if there isn't)

What settings can I change?

Figure 3

Sub Devices, Hide/Show:

Hide/Show the extra buttons on Keypads, Remotes ect; An older option left in, using my Devices & Scenes and Grouping devices is usually a better option.

Controllers, Hide/Show:

Hide/Show control only devices such as RemoteLincs and ControLincs, based on there Insteon cats.

Disabled, Hide/Show:

Hide/Show disabled devices.

Labels, Hide/Show:

Hide/Show labels on controls on devices and/or scenes pages.

Max Width:

Changes how wide the interface is allowed to display.

Local Caching:

UDAjax will save a copy of the devices and/or scenes in the browser local cache in-between browser sessions.
Use care enabling this feature as you will have to manually clear this cache on the settings page whenever you add, remove or change a device or scene and want to see the changes.
Even with local caching disable the web interface will save a copy of the device and or scene list in memory, reloading/leaving the interface in the browser, or the Clear Cache button on the settings page will clear it.

Camera Support (Requires 4.0.1 and above):

Most Foscam's, Axis, and Panasonic Camera's are supported for easy config; Just select the brand and enter the ip and port.
Any other camera that supports jpg snapshots can be added if you know the http url to get a jpg snapshot.

Unsupported Camera's:

Foscam FI9802W and probably most Foscam H.264 cameras, along with some other brands, do not support jpg snapshots needed to view the camera's in most browsers at this time.


If the cameras don't support including the username and password in the later part of the url (axis camera's for example), the web page will include it right after the http:// as http://user:password unfortunately this isn't supported on all browsers but it is the best that can be done.

Trouble Shooting

I am getting a parsing error loading ...

Please make sure you don't have any un-allowed special characters in the names.
Also check browser cache by clearing it in browser settings, using another browser/device or using private browsing.

A device or scene is missing:

If you enabled local Caching on the settings page, please clear cache there.
If not please check browser cache by clearing it in browser settings, using another browser/device or using private browsing

ISY-26 INSTEON / ISY-99i Series INSTEON : User Guide