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You can use ISY Portal for remote access through the Admin Console without the need for any port forwarding. Here are the instructions:

Configure ISY Finder

  • Go to your portal account, click on Select Tools (next to your ISY) and then choose ISY Information
  • Copy the URL next to Admin Console URL
  • Make sure you use the ISY Launcher which puts an icon on your desktop upon the clicking of which you will get a dialog called ISY Finder/Launcher
  • When ISY Finder/Launcher comes up, if it finds your ISY on the network, it'll immediately bring up the Admin Console ... cancel out of the login dialog
  • Go back to ISY Finder/Launcher (behind the Admin Console), click on the Add button, and then paste what you copied in the second step
  • Close the Admin Console

Restart Admin Console

  • Click on the ISY994 Administrative Console icon on your desktop
  • When ISY Finder comes up, double click on the line which points to the ISY Portal URL
  • IMPORTANT when prompted to login, use the credentials for your ISY Portal Account