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Please follow the instructions here to setup Echo to work with your ISY:

SmartHome API Limitations

  • You need to follow the instructions under Instructions for SmartHome API below
  • Amazon Echo Connected API currently only supports Lights and thermostats
  • Using Connected Home API, you can also control ISY programs: Alaxa, turn on/off <program name>. On: runs the If. Off: runs the Else.
  • Currently, for door locks, you can either use programs or use Skills (video tutorial below)

ISY Portal/MobiLinc Limitations

  • If you already have MobiLinc Connect service, it will have to be deactivated. Please send an email to
  • ISY Portal does work with MobiLinc App using these instructions

Instructions for Accessing ISY Portal

Please make sure you have ISY Portal Installed and Configured first.

Instructions for SmartHome API

  • Make sure you have followed all the steps in In Instructions for Accessing ISY Portal above
  • Log into ISY Portal (, click on My Profile at the top right corner
  • Choose your ISY from Preferred ISY drop down
  • Click on Link this profile to an Amazon account
  • Under Select Tool choose Connectivity | Amazon Echo and enter mappings between your devices, scenes, and programs to their associated and desired spoken names
  • Login to the Echo app
  • Click on the Smart Home menu item on the left navigation bar
  • Under Your Smart Home Skills, click on Get More Smart Home Skills
  • Search for ISY
  • Click the Enable button next to ISY Optimized for Smart Home V2
  • Click on the Smart Home menu item on the left navigation bar again make sure ISY Optimized for Smart Home shows up under Your Smart Home Skills
  • Click on Discover Devices. This will bring in all the devices you have created a mapping for in your ISY Portal
  • Please note that every time you change spoken fields, you must redo the previous step
  • Only the following commands can be used:
    • Discover: “Alexa, discover my devices” - refreshes the devices from the portal
    • Turn On: “Alexa, turn on the kitchen light” - works for devices, scenes, and programs (runs Then)
    • Turn Off: “Alexa, turn off the kitchen light” - works for devices, scenes, and programs (runs Else)
    • Brighten: “Alexa, brighten the kitchen light” - works only for devices
    • Dim: “Alexa, dim the kitchen light” - works only for devices
    • Set: “Alexa, set the kitchen light to 50%” - works only for devices

Instructions for using Multiple Echos Connected Home

  • Have your echos tied to 2 different amazon accounts.
  • In the ISY Portal:
    • Create a sub-account
    • Add your ISY to this sub-account, and approve access to it in the admin console.
    • Create a user profile in this sub-account for the second echo
    • Link this user profile with your second echo's amazon account.
    • To edit spokens for your second echo, switch to your sub-account first
    • To edit spokens for your first echo, switch to your root account first

Of course, you can have as many echo as you want, with each their own sub-account, user profile and set of spokens.

Also, it is not required to have a primary echo in the primary account. All echos could be managed in sub-accounts only.

For those of you who already had sub-accounts, you will start with the same spokens in each accounts/sub-accounts for all of your echos. When you add/edit/delete your spokens, the change will be applicable to that account only. Including the Delete all.

NOTE: If your account selector is set to [All], you will see all of your ISYs, no matter which account/sub-account they belong to. When an ISY is in several account/sub-accounts, you will see it only once. When you edit your spokens, without explicitly choosing the account, you can't be sure of the context of which account you are working on. You should switch to the intended account first.

Instructions for Alexa Skill

  • You can use Alexa Skills (tell izzy to <do something> <name>) for thermostats, door locks, programs, and lights
  1. Login to the Echo app
  2. From the menu on the left, choose Skills
  3. Search for ISY or izzy
  4. Click on the Enable button