ISY Portal Google Home Integration

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1) The user must be subscribed to the UDI Portal service, and approve the portal in ISY's Admin console.

Portal Google Home Integration

1)Log in to the ISY Portal and select “Portal Login”

2)Select the “Select Tool” for the ISY you wish to add Google Home to.

3) Select “Amazon Echo/Google Home” under “Connectivity”.

4)Select “Device” from the “Spoken device list”.

5)Select the dropdown arrow to reveal devices.

6)Select a device to be added.

7)Enter a “Spoken” name for each device, and “Alternate Spokens” and select “Save”.

  • Note: The text in “Spoken” will be announced by Google Home as the device name. The text in “Spoken” will also be the name that the Google Home mobile application uses as the device name.

8) When a device “Spokens” have been added, they will appear in red in the “Spoken mapping” dropdown.

9)When a “Device” has been added successfully it will appear in the “Spoken device list”.

10) Once all devices have been added they will appear in the “Spoken device list”. The setup required in ISY Portal is now complete.

  • Note: Scenes and Programs may be added in this same way. Programs will run the “Then” when commanded “On” verbally. Programs will run “Else” when commanded “off” verbally.