ISY Portal Installation Instructions

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ISY Portal allows you to connect to ISY remotely and without the need for port forwarding. Furthermore, ISY Portal enables Amazon Echo and IFTTT integration.

  • Make sure you have firmware and UI version 4.3.26 (or above) (Help | About). If not:
    • Either use Help | Automatically Upgrade ISY or
    • Install Install Manually
    • Make sure your UI is 4.3.26 (or above). If not, a) clear your Java cache and b) launch Admin Console
  • Make sure your ISY is configured with TLS 1.2 and Strength All for HTTPS Client settings. If you are unsure, please consult this document Network Security Configuration Guide
    • If you wish to send triggers to IFTTT, then you MUST install an HTTPS Client Certificate and its associated certificate chains
  • Make sure you have ISY Portal installed (Admin Console | Help | Purchase Modules | ISY Portal - $49.00 for 2 Years)
  • Go to, create account/or login, and enter the UUID of your ISY under ISYs
  • Go to Admin Console | Configuration | Portals tab and Approve the request from your Portal Account