ISY Portal Installation Instructions

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ISY Portal allows you to connect to ISY remotely and without the need for port forwarding. Furthermore, ISY Portal enables Amazon Echo and IFTTT integration.

ISY Portal/MobiLinc Limitations

  • If you already have MobiLinc Connect service, please note that it does support integration with Amazon Echo and Google Home. Please contact them directly for instructions. If you still want to install ISY Portal Module, MobiLinc Connect module will have to be deactivated. Please follow these instructions.
  • ISY Portal does work with MobiLinc App using these instructions


  • Make sure you have firmware and UI version 4.3.26 (or above) (Help | About). If not:
    • Either use Help | Automatically Upgrade ISY or
    • Install Install Manually
    • Make sure your UI is 4.3.26 (or above). If not, a) clear your Java cache and b) launch Admin Console
  • Make sure your ISY is configured with TLS 1.2 and Strength All and Verify is unchecked for HTTPS Client settings. If you are unsure, please consult this document Network Security Configuration Guide
    • If you wish to send triggers to IFTTT, then you MUST install an HTTPS Client Certificate and its associated certificate chains
  • Make sure you have ISY Portal installed (Admin Console | Help | Purchase Modules | ISY Portal )

ISY Portal Account Setup

There are three steps for having ISY communicate through ISY Portal:

1. Creating an account on " ISY Portal if one does not exist (click on the Create new account link). If one already exists, simply login

2. Registering ISY with your account in ISY Portal using ISY's UUID (Help | About - also included in your invoice). To do this click on the Add ISY button and copy/paste the UUID from your invoice or order notification

3. Giving permission to ISY to communicate with ISY Portal

  • Login to the Admin Console
  • Click Configuration | Portals tab
  • You will see a request for access from your account in ISY Portal
  • Approve it
  • You are done!