ISY Portal MobiLinc Configuration

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MobiLinc can be easily configured to use ISY Portal. This said, however, push notifications are not yet working. Here are the instructions:

  • Login to , click on My Profile (top right) and make sure My Preferred ISY points to your ISY
  • Open MobiLinc and go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type and choose ISY
  • Http URL: the local IP address for your ISY when you are home
  • Http port: the http port as you find in Admin Console | Configuration | Networking Settings under Http Port ... default is 80
  • Https URL:
  • Https Port: 443
  • Credentials (Username/Password): the same that you use to login to

If you have an Android Phone and still having trouble communicating:

  • Uninstall MobiLinc PRO (Force Stop Services)
  • Reboot your phone
  • Install MobiLinc PRO
  • Follow the same instructions as above
  • You may want to clear Http port