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The Intelligent System (ISY) devices have received excellent reviews. Below are links to the reviews we are aware of.

Insteon Home Automation Controller Overview – ISY-99i
Bob Jackson of discusses the ISY-99i in this article.
EDN: Even More Customer Support Excellence
EDN's senior technical editor Brian Dipert once again praises UDI's customer service in the Electronics Design, Strategy, News blog article Universal Devices: Even More Customer Support Excellence.
The Forta Blog: My Favorite Home Automation Controller
Ben Forta explains why the ISY-99i is his favorite home automation controller.
EDN: Unprecedented Customer Service
In the Electronics Design, Strategy, News blog article Unprecedented Customer Service: The Universal Devices Edition, EDN's senior technical editor Brian Dipert hands out the kudos to UDI.
Access Home Automation Review: UDI ISY-99i/IR PRO
In Access Home Automation's review of the ISY-99i/IR PRO, AccessHA awards its first ever 5-star rating for any INSTEON hardware or software to the ISY.
Ben Drawbaugh reviews the ISY-99i
According to Ben Drawbaugh, The ISY-99 is the best thing that ever happend to my automated lights. reviews the ISY-99i/IR PRO reviews the ISY-99i/IR PRO. reviews the ISY-26 reviews the ISY-26.

ISY Reviews: