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The Intelligent System (ISY) devices have received excellent reviews. Below are links to the reviews we are aware of.

Smartphones and Broadband Are Making Our Homes Smarter
By Kevin C. Tofel of Gigaom
Control Your House Lights (and more) with Your iPhone
Ryan at cybernetnews wrote a nice article on using the MobiLinc app with an ISY.
Insteon Home Automation Controller Overview – ISY-99i
Bob Jackson of discusses the ISY-99i in this article.
EDN: Even More Customer Support Excellence
EDN's senior technical editor Brian Dipert once again praises UDI's customer service in the Electronics Design, Strategy, News blog article Universal Devices: Even More Customer Support Excellence.
The Forta Blog: My Favorite Home Automation Controller
Ben Forta explains why the ISY-99i is his favorite home automation controller.
EDN: Unprecedented Customer Service
In the Electronics Design, Strategy, News blog article Unprecedented Customer Service: The Universal Devices Edition, EDN's senior technical editor Brian Dipert hands out the kudos to UDI.
Access Home Automation Review: UDI ISY-99i/IR PRO
In Access Home Automation's review of the ISY-99i/IR PRO, AccessHA awards its first ever 5-star rating for any INSTEON hardware or software to the ISY.
Ben Drawbaugh reviews the ISY-99i
According to Ben Drawbaugh, The ISY-99 is the best thing that ever happend to my automated lights. reviews the ISY-99i/IR PRO reviews the ISY-99i/IR PRO. reviews the ISY-26 reviews the ISY-26.

ISY Reviews: