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Getting Started

Of course you need to install the ISY: ISY-26_INSTEON:Quick_Start_Guide.

When the ISY is invoked your browser will open with four links to select from. Click on the Administrative Council to open the ISY Administrative Council. You will be prompted for a user name and password. Type admin into each box and press Okay.

All the Insteon devices in your home should be linked to the ISY. The simplest way to link is the tap linking method. Use the ISY menu Link Management/Start Linking. This will signal the PLM to begin listening for new devices.

As each device is linked it will appear by address in the tree.

Tap Linking

When done linking press the Cancel button.

Alternatively one can use New Insteon Device and enter the Insteon address in a requester. The address has to be entered using three pairs of hexadecimal numbers separated with periods or spaces.

Numerical Linking

Linking Options

Option 1

Recommended for a new install is Option 1, Remove Existing Links. This will erase any links that may be resident from factory testing.

Option 2

This is more appropriate for existing installations and can use links from one device to discover other devices. This process is called crawling or spidering. Option 2 will also erase all existing links and allow the user to start with a clean slate.

Option 3

Option 3 is meant for an installation that has been in place for some time. The ISY will crawl through existing links and create scenes in the ISY that mirror the existing links.

When using options 2 or 3 the process will be most effective if the first linked device has links to the most other devices. KeypadLincs and ControLincs are prime candidates for this option. Still, all devices may not be found and the process should be started again for those devices. A disadvantage of crawling is that the installer will have to know where each device in installed by address.

Linking Dialogue

Other Linking Options

Available on the Link Management menu are selections used to link special Insteon devices. Selecting one of these devices will open a dialogue with special instructions for the device.

Linking Menu

Advanced Linking Options

Smarthome has introduced a new protocol which uses extended messaging called i2. This is intended to make communication faster and more reliable. Some devices introduced during the changeover have both protocols enabled and can sometimes report as i2 although the protocol is not fully implemented. Universal Devices has added, for firmware version 2.6.13, an option to select the original Insteon communication protocol, termed i1, in case the Automatic option fails. This option should normally be left on Automatic which uses a query into the device database to determine the best way of communicating.

Advanced Linking Options