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New to home automation? Check out:
New to home automation? Check out:

* [ The Forta Blog:  Home Automation via X-10 by Ben Forta]
* [ The Forta Blog:  From X-10 To INSTEON by Ben Forta]
* [ Mr. Paul Lutus' Home Automation Page]
* [ Mr. Paul Lutus' Home Automation Page]
* [[Glossary]] of home automation terms
* [[Glossary]] of home automation terms

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Movie for Two

Welcome to our Wiki

Universal Devices Inc. is making home automation products as commonplace and affordable as phones, cable/DSL modems, and set-top boxes. The UDI Wiki is the central place for help with our products so please have a look around. With this site being a collaborative effort by UDI and its user base, we need your help! If you're interested in helping the Wiki please see the Community Portal for the details. Also check out the Current Events page to check out what's upcoming in the Home Automation industry.

ISY Devices

This is the information section for the ISY devices which is part of the Intelligent Series. The series is designed to provide a packaged turnkey Network/UPnP/Web Services enabled solution.

Support Options

We have many support options to help users get their UDI enabled network up and running. If you have not done so first make sure you have registered your UDI product so we can better support you. Then start at the top of this list and work your way down.

  • UDI Wiki - This site
  • UDI Forum - Support provided by UDI Staff and Users
  • Support Pages - Firmware, Resources, Developer Stuff
  • Email: Tech Support
  • Phone: 818-631-0333
  • Business Hours: Closed on Friday Evenings and Saturdays

Home Automation Info

New to home automation? Check out: