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Welcome to our Wiki

Universal Devices Inc. is making home automation products as commonplace and affordable as phones, cable/DSL modems, and set-top boxes. The UDI Wiki is the central place for help with our products so please have a look around. With this site being a collaborative effort by UDI and its user base, we need your help! If you're interested in helping the Wiki please register for an an account.

Instructional Videos

Downloadable Documentation

Quick Start Guides

ISY994i Series

ISY994zw Series

Web Interface

Z-Wave Quick Start Guide

Complete and Comprehensive User Guides

Network Security

Smart Grid-ISY994 ZS Series

  • ISY994i ZS Series (INSTEON/Smart Grid) Quick Start Guide   (PDF)   (MS Word)
  • ISY994 ZS Series (Smart Grid) Quick Start Guide   (PDF)   (MS Word)


Energy Monitoring/ISY994 Z Series

  • ISY994i Z Series Energy Monitoring Configuration Guide   (PDF)   (MS Word)

Add-On/Optional Modules for the ISY-994i


Climate & Irrigation


Network Module

Network Resources (Examples & Downloads)


ELK Security

ISY Portal/Amazon Echo/IFTTT

ISY Portal enables you to remotely connect to ISY without the need for port forwarding. The subscription is for 2 years and includes:

  • Amazon Echo Integration
  • IFTTT integration
  • Network Module (Requires firmware/UI version 4.3.3+). If you already have the Network Module, please send your UUID (Help | About) to and request for:
    • 1 year extension of your ISY Portal Subscription if the Network Module was purchased between 10/01/2014 and 10/01/2015
    • 2 year extension of your ISY Portal Subscription if the Network Module was purchased between 10/01/2015 and 02/04/2016
    • Refund for the Network Module if it is purchased on or after 02/04/2016 and before the ISY Portal
    • Please Note that your request will cause the Network Module to be Uninstalled and not accessible after the expiration of the ISY Portal Subscription

ISY Portal Installation Instructions

ISY Portal Amazon Echo Integration

ISY Portal IFTTT Integration

Using Admin Console through ISY Portal

ISY Portal MobiLinc Configuration

Online Documentation







Firmware Releases

Third Party


Legacy ISYs



Home Automation Info

New to home automation? Check out: