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== Nevada Energy Wiki ==
== Nevada Energy Wiki ==
''This page can be accessed by instructing users to go to isy.io/nvew''

'''Load the dashboard interface:'''
'''Load the dashboard interface:'''
Link [http://isy.universal-devices.com/nve.jnlp]
Link [http://isy.universal-devices.com/nve.jnlp isy.io/nve]

'''Load the administrative interface'''
'''Load the administrative interface'''
Link [http://isy.universal-devices.com/nvea.jnlp]
Link [http://isy.universal-devices.com/nvea.jnlp isy.io/nvea]

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Nevada Energy Wiki

This page can be accessed by instructing users to go to isy.io/nvew

Load the dashboard interface: Link isy.io/nve

Load the administrative interface Link isy.io/nvea

Step by step installation and configuration guides: In Word [1] In PDF [2]


Phone: 818-631-0333

Text Message: 818-631-0333 (please include [NVE Urgent] in the message)

Email: support@universal-devices.com (please include [NVE Urgent] in the subject)

Create a Ticket: [3]

Links to Files

Programs To re-load default programs to control High/Moderate relay settings please download this file by right-clicking it to download rather than view in your browser NVE Programs and import it into the administrative console. This will create a duplicate of the programs in your ISY, you may choose to delete the existing or reference these to edit your programs. Please ensure that you keep only one copy of a program with the same name, otherwise it will run twice when triggered.